This is a time capsule.

Someday, these hands will grow weak and these eyes will fail. Until that day comes, let it be known that I have at least once made good use of them.


Urbance animated project is now on Kickstarter.


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Chaos child
Instead of finishing my manuscript, I do this. Whenever scientific writing deadlines are involved, I find myself myself wanting, no, needing to make something art related instead. It’s like this constant battle between my left and right brain.
Blargh. My phone case needed a better grip anyway so it’s justified.



why yes please :D

GREAT! now we need one more!


YESSS switch meme let’s go! Any takers? :D


Cleaning up and re-sorting files again…

Some old art that I still don’t hate like up to now. Was for’s CHOW a while back. Really wish I had more time to do these things again.

Anonymous said: Thank you for giving the time to answer that ask! :D (the background history one I swear it was so cool it was like watching a studio ghibli firework scene go off in my head) How did you end up in Germany though???? hope i'm still not intruding huhu i saw your DA the other day and i was so amazed and good luck with your thesis!

Haha wow thanks!! <3   

Hm… actually Germany wasn’t a conscious choice exactly. I just finished my masters then, and I kind of wanted to move into a slightly different field (was previously in food/ industrial microbiology, then went to plant pathology, but what I really reeeeaaally wanted was to get into medical research, but so far I just didn’t get the chance). Germany was kind of my opening, although I applied to a bunch of other places as well. It’s nice though, and it’s a good place for science too so, win win. :)  

And hey thanks again anon! By the way I just submitted my thesis this morning so yaaayy! :D

So I was surprised to get this ask a couple of days ago. I thought about answering it right away but then… I thought a bit more and this happened haha. Yeah after pulling several all nighters in a row my brain kind of needed a break from all the thesis writing @_@

(For those who don’t speak Tagalog, quick version, anon was asking about how I started in art and how I ended up in Science.)

(And for that anon who asked, thank you, that was a pleasant surprise. Hope I answered your question :) )

Anonymous said: Indeed one of the secrets is mine :) and I totally understand about the busyness (I'm in a similar situation as well with my final exams right now haha). And a full fledged scientist??? Dang that sounds really cool!! :D Sending a lot of good luck your way! I just thought about your secrets project because part of my secret recently came true

Oho, the plot thickens. :) And aww thanks! And heeyy, you too anon, all the best for your finals! :D

Anonymous said: Curious, are you still working on the secrets?

Hi anon, I haven’t dropped the project and I honestly don’t intend to, but let’s just say for now it’s on temporary hiatus. I still have about 15 secrets on the list and even though I originally intended this project to be some sort of creativity exercise, as soon as I actually started receiving these confessions they all immediately became very precious to me as well, so yeah… I really want to do them justice. I take it that one of those secrets is yours? :)

I will get back to them, I promise, but not quite yet.

(Here’s a secret: at the moment I’m pretty busy getting things in order so that I may soon become a full-fledged scientist ;) )     

ATLA corporate AU where instead of ruling the world the Fire Nation Inc. just wants to monopolize the global market. Azula would be the talented and ruthless entrepreneur prodigy heiress and she gets to put on nice clothes and stuff.
Oh who am I kidding I just wanted to draw Azula in a suit.